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  • V.I.P KIT
    free game crack

    V.I.P KIT

    Posted on samedi, décembre 24th, 2016 at 8:56 by admin

    Get this VIP to help the server increase its slots, for a more reliable server and for better mods.

    This VIP mods are Lifetime using and unlimited, you can charge it every 500 seconds.

    Once your vip buy an administrator will come to you in games and contact you by Skype.

    Unlimited usage every 500 seconds

    Get VIP with /kit vip


    Donate for this VIP to a minimum of $2.00

     After Payment contact me on Skype or server.
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  • Rust Legacy cracked server
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    Rust Legacy cracked server

    Posted on vendredi, décembre 23rd, 2016 at 3:50 by admin

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    RUST LEGACY CRACKED SERVER The best server ever ! The administrator never makes a wipe.

    Only the wipes forced by the update will pass.There are 150 slots.

    The server is constantly backed up for the protection of inventories, characters, and others. Server Arena.

    Each player can contribute to the development and the evolution of the server by proposing modifications, events, reporting bugs, problems, to let us know of his dissatisfaction, etc …

    So that the player feels as much as possible in his home and that the Development of the server is a collective work. Download crack version and join our server with 150 Slots. 

    (Rust Crack do not work ? setup this:

    This Rust Legacy cracked server use real time so the day is long also the night !

    Rust Legacy cracked server

    Rust Legacy cracked server

    With this server you will be able to participate in an arena and win items for that you just type « / aj » as commands and killed enemies, you can also see the name of the owners of the doors on all the map

    Rust Cracked Servers

    Video By BMT

    This server detects all cheats so please do not cheat, an automatic system removes all your items once banned through our anti-cheat


    • /report player (Report cheater)
    • /share (Share you house for removed and open door with your friends)
    • /unshare (Not shared you house)
    • /sethome (Place a teleport to your house)
    • /home (Go to your house set home config)
    • /kit (Get kit with arm and basic items)
    • /voteday (Skip the night with this command)
    • /location (See your location on the map)
    • /addfriend (Add friend to list kill)
    • /unfriend (Remove friend of your list)
    • /clan (Make clan on the chat and Team)
    • /clanhelp member (See commands clan) 
    • /tpr (To request a teleportation request from a friend)
    • /tpa (Accepted teleportation )
    • /remove (Remove objects)
    • /players (See all players online)
    • /knock (Enable see owner door)
    • /damage (Show damage players and you)
    • /aj (Join Arena fight)
    • /al (Leave Arena)
    • /go list (To teleport on the map or offmap exemple : /go to smallrad)


    ╚> net.connect

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