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Rust Legacy AntiCheat – Test Hack Oxide 2.0

Rust Legacy AntiCheat – Test Hack Oxide 2.0

Posted on vendredi, janvier 6th, 2017 at 3:18 by

Rust Legacy AntiCheat, this plugin detect many cheats like Dizzy, JackeD, A3mon, steven and more..

You can buy now this anticheat for oxide 2.0, i can make you a discount if you are players on the server, talk to a admin on the site

oxide anti cheat plugin

  • Selled with update
  • Tutoriel to setup config

  • 3 codes YouPass

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  • kami says

    2017-02-02 03:03:00

    hi if you can send me the plugin you acept paypal?

    • admin says

      2017-02-16 07:20:27

      yes paypal only

  • kami says

    2017-02-09 06:11:59

    thank admin for plugins and great help

  • Rusty says

    2017-03-09 06:17:39

    Not cheap plugins support listening and helping nice


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